5 Part Social Media Marketing Course

Duration 20 m 23 s

5 Part Social Media Marketing Course

About Course

A well-planned, executed, monitored and tweaked Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy can drive tons of focused site visitors to your site.

Focused site visitors are those keen on buying the product(s) / service(s) you're selling. They multiply your website income exponentially.

This Social Media Marketing training helps website owners craft and implement a terrific SMM strategy for their money site.

What's unique?

This training program has a separate section, which explains how to monitor and tweak your SMM strategy to deliver the results you want/need.

Course content

videoAn Introduction To Marketing20 m 22 s
videoDigital Marketing Basics Module - Reference Material
videoDoes Social Media Marketing Add Value To Your Website1 s
videoDoes Social Media Marketing Add Value To Your Website

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An Introduction To Digital Marketing

Ivan Bayross

Ivan Bayross

Sales Funnel Creation Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategy Specialist

Course Instructor

Hi, I'm Ivan. This is me. 

My single greatest strength is - curiosity

It's what drives me to learn new technology. Experiment with what it delivers. Then push its boundaries as far as possible. I've spun this off into a healthy consulting business.

What's on offer? 

The knowledge, experience & skill I've gained through my learning. 

This means today, I get to do what I love. Plus, get paid well for doing it. Yup! Definitely one of the lucky ones . . .

I've failed often enough. This is countered by, succeeding one heck of a lot more. That’s my Ying/Yang in balance. 

Authored / published 111+ books till date. Tomes, connected with technology and [ digital ] marketing. I Haven’t stopped writing. 

I guest lecture at a few MBA and Engineering colleges. This, adds fun to my life. It’s a blessing to have a blast. Plus get to engage with bright, fertile, young minds. 

The fact a well-planned / executed, Digital Marketing strategy, multiplies online business income fascinates me. Online DM is breathtakingly different from brick-and-mortar marketing. 

Are you seeking [ measurable value add ] in

  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Funnel Building
  • Business Mentoring
  • Attracting and converting site visitors
  • Due diligence audits and other parallel spaces?

Then why not engage now? Let's explore possibilities. Possibilities are exciting.