Are you an online entrepreneur?
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A coach, mentor, trainer, consultant, product or service seller?
Getting a constant stream of focused site visitors a daily struggle?
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You've been trying to sell your service(s) or product(s),unsuccessfuly.
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Why Learn From Ivan?
Each course is created by a seasoned digital marketer.
Ivan Bayross brings >40 years of marketing and digital marketing, real world experience & skill to the course creation and delivery table. 
Each course is tailored specifically for the wants and needs of online entreprenuers engagement & sales. 
These couses have regular instructor interaction. Are online. Accessible from anywhere at anytime.
Weekly Office Hours
When you sign on to any course You are not alone. There's a once a week Ask MAnything session using a Zoom meeting room. Get your marketing and tech questions resolved every week.
Hi! I'm Ivan Bayross
Are you a digital marketing agency owner?
A DM freelancer striving to grow your business income?
An online business owner who needs to multiply sales?
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Perfect solutions for all your online marketing, sales income, and coding issues,.
Ensure you get a rock solid 15% R.O.I minimum, on your total marketing spends.
Teach you the art of engaging, then closing contracts, with mid to big ticket clients.
Grow measurable digital marketing skills in your staff. Helping ensure, they'll deliver exactly what each of your clients want / need.
All of the above is driven by simple, tried and tested, processes. Born from my 40+ years of hard core Marketing, Digital Marketing, Internet tech, and consulting experience. Experience that's growing each day.
Let's demolish all your digital marketing and / or Internet tech stumbling blocks. Let's build trust and authority in your ideal prospects minds. Let's boost your sales and income?
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The Only Guide You'll Ever
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87 Conversion Optimization Tips
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What some happy people from around the world say.
Ashish Bagoria
Business Consultant
I am lucky to have come across Ivan. He is a wonderful person, imparts knowledge and gives freely.

I have done a few Digital Marketing Courses but none of the courses equipped me to take a leap and start off working in the Digital Marketing area. Though the courses cover a lot of 'Theory', most of the topics are covered in silos and do not enable the learner to understand the big picture cohesively. 

Ivan filled that gap for me. He made me understand the holistic picture, guided me and mentored me with his immense knowledge punctuated by his brand of humour!

If you have anything to do with Sales, Marketing, Digital Marketing - Ivan is the go to person!
Sharanam Shah
Digital Marketing Evangelist
I am lucky to get in touch with Ivan Sir. 

His thinking & understanding about Digital Marketing is very unique which makes him a great Skilled Digital Marketer & author.

He makes me think in a very different way by his training & learning under him during my Internship in Digital Marketing. 

Now my concepts are more clearer & he provides a lot of value working & learning under him.
Seema Bhatia
Digital Markeitng & Branding
Ivan Bayross is a brilliant mind with expansive experience in multiple areas and an incredibly broad range of technical and intrapersonal skills that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

He is a deeply profound soul, a caring mentor, an impressive entrepreneur and has an incredible knack for bringing out the best in those who have the good fortune of connecting with him. 

Thank you Ivan for the role you played in helping me to overcome my own inner obstacles. You share wisdom freely. 

You open your heart to make a difference and you always bring your best. You are true inspiration and the world is a better place with you in it. 
Raquel Hernandez
Ui / UX  Specialist
Ivan is a close friend and mentor whom I have known for almost 20 years.
A tech whiz whose ability to cut through the nonsense and get to the point is legendary.

I have learnt something new every time I have interacted with him. I am privileged that he too listens carefully to anything I have to say and even at this senior level is willing to acknowledge, accept and appreciate a different point of view.

I am blessed to have had him in my life at times when I have needed someone to show me the way.

I would gladly vouch for his integrity and technical ability.